Ship your car simple and safe from one place to the other. You choose the locations and we make the coordination! We transport cars in the 50 states along with port services from cars coming and going to Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico. Car haulers can be open or enclosed trucks. Vehicle will be fully bonded & insured while in transit. Dispatch department available 24/7.

All of our carriers will provide door to door service. Like this you wont have to go to a terminal to release or receive your car. The carrier will be in communication with the person at pick-up and delivery to coordinate a time frame, so, when he shows up to load or unload the car someone can be present. It doesn’t have to be you personally, make sure to provide the company with the contact info of a different person.

Finding The Right Auto Transport Company

Auto transport should be a very simple process. Unfortunately, the reality today is that you will get a lot of companies offering you stuff that will never happen. Consumers need to arm themselves with the tools necessary to protect against scams and unprofessional companies and carriers that may steal, lose or damage your vehicle. Here are some simple guidelines to assist with finding the right auto transport company to get your vehicle shipped to its destination safely.

Lowest Is Not Always Best…

Those looking for auto transport would take care not to jump at the lowest quotes. Some brokers provide unrealistically low auto transport quotes that may ultimately end up as an attempt to get more money of the car owners. Do not fall for this! Look for honest brokers offering reasonable mid-range quotes to ensure that your vehicle will be picked up in a timely fashion and delivered on time. It is important to note that if a quote is tragically low it could result the car never being shipped at that price.

Be Upfront About Expectations

Lastly, those looking for auto transport should be realistic with themselves and their potential brokers on what their key factors are. Maybe you have a price range, a schedule to keep or both. These information can be extremely helpful for brokers when looking to provide your auto transport quote.

Don’t Just Give Your Information To Anyone

Auto shipping can be overwhelming to navigate at times. There are couple of companies that attempt to win your business once you begin searching online. While finding the perfect auto shipping company can appear to be tricky, it can go very smoothly if these simple guidelines are followed. Do your research, know your needs and wants and go with a company that you feel you can trust. These are the keys to having your vehicle delivered to its destination safely and on time.



We are motorcycle shipping experts!
Liberty Auto Transport has shipped thousands of bikes for customers each year through our large network of haulers. We can also, transport ATV’s, Scooters and golf karts. We recommend to ship your bike via enclosed, since is not exposed to the weather. Motorcycle shipping is very similar to an auto shipping. Is also full bonded & insured while in transit.
Make sure to start looking for a transporter in advance to know all your options and understand cost for shipping. ​Carriers use specialized equipment to load every type of motorcycle. It will be carefully loaded and strapped down securely until it gets delivered. Liberty Auto Transport has an extended network that allows us to cover the entire nation.
Liberty Auto Transport ships over 60,000 motorcycles every year giving us enough experience to develop your transport adequate.
You can always track your motorcycle while in transit at any time.   Track Now



We are port to port shipping experts. We count with various port docks in different states to drop off and release vehicles. Sometimes, the city where you are going to doesn’t count with port access, in this case, we will coordinate your transport from one port to the other and from there assign a carrier that will deliver to your house anywhere in the country.

The majority of our moves are coming from and going to Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico.
​Since, Liberty Auto Transport does a lot of this moves, we get great rates directly from the ports.

Just by going with our rates, you will be saving at least $150.


Air Force      Army      Navy

Most Common Ports:

Hawaii – Honolulu, Hilo, Nawiliwili, Kahului and Kawaihae.
Alaska – Anchorage and Fairbanks.
Puerto Rico – San Juan and Guaynabo.
Mainland – Long Beach, CA. Oakland, CA. Portland, OR. Seattle, WA. Jacksonville, FL and Baltimore, MD.




Enclosed transport is a high quality service. Shipping via enclosed guarantees your vehicle will not be exposed to any weather condition.

We highly recommend this service if you are shipping an expensive vehicle, antiques OR motorcycles due to the high amount of insurance. The difference between a open carrier than an enclosed is the physical truck.
Carriers specialized on this service are usually moving from 2 – 5 cars on the same truck. This way is more time efficient.

Money wise is more expensive shipping on an enclosed truck, but in some situations is worth doing it.

Consider Shipping Enclosed If:

  • New Paint Job
  • Antique
  • High Performance
  • Motorcycle
  • ATV
  • Golf Kart