How long in advance do I have to book my auto transport?

​We highly recommend our customers to lock in the service 1 – 2 weeks in advance, so there can be many different options of haulers to choose from.

Will my vehicle be insured while in transit?

Yes, it will be fully insured. All haulers carry an insurance issued by the DOT. Make sure to ask the driver for a certificate of insurance after they go over a 21 inspection at pickup.

If my vehicle is inoperable, can I still ship it?

Yes. The vehicle has to at least steer, brake and roll, so we can send a truck driver with a winch to be able to load it. Some carriers charge extra for this service.

How long does it take to get my car delivered?

It depends on which route. Some relocation are delivered within the first 48 hours and some of them due to the distance can last from 3 to 10 days to be delivered.

Where do I take my car to get it shipped?

All of our haulers provide door to door service. You don’t have to worry about bringing your car somewhere. Once the driver is on his way to pick-up or deliver the vehicle, he will call in advance to coordinate time frames.

Do I have to be present to release or receive my vehicle?

Not necessary. In case you can’t be present at me moment of pickup or delivery, you will have to provide the company you hired with a contact name and phone number, so the carrier can call to coordinate directly with that person.


How will my motorcycle be transport?

Shipping a bike is very similar to auto transport. You can either transport it in a open or enclosed truck. We recommend enclosed. Also, drivers are fully equipped to load any type of motorcycle.

Is my motorcycle insured?

Yes. Once the motorcycle is loaded in the truck is already insured under the haulers insurance. You may ask for a certificate of insurance at the moment of pickup.

Can I transport some items along with my bike?

We don’t recommend you do it. Remember, insurance only covers your motorcycle, not any personal item. Now, some drivers have space and are able to do it, but they can charge more money for this.